eCash Account (Dashboard)

Manage your funds through the versatile eCash Dashboard. Your eCash account allows you to send funds, pay bills and buy load all in real-time! You can add your loved ones to your contact list and view your entire transaction history.



eCash Card

The eCash Card is equipped with an NFC-enabled card that allows for instantaneous, secure transactions. The eCash Privilege Card is connected to your online account and can be used in any of our affiliated retailers by simply tapping it onto the reader.


eCash Scratch Cards

The eCash Scratch Cards is a convenient and secure way to load your account. These cards make the perfect gift or promotional tool!

TAP+PAY and TAP+LOAD Connective Sticker

TAP+PAY and TAP+LOAD Keychain

TAP+PAY and TAP+LOAD Wristband



Our eTAP Payments solutions are a set of world-class NFC payment products, created to advance cashless payments in the Philippines. We offer a plethora of tap devices – bracelet, keychain, card and sticker – to fit any and all tap payment needs. Users simply tap their device onto an eCash NFC reader and input their PIN. This two-factor authentication ensures that all transactions are not just simple and convenient, but also secure.

ePASS is nearly identical to eTAP but funds are stored directly in the device for swift tap and go payments. ePASS transactions do not require a PIN, allowing for real-time offline settlements, ideal for microtransactions.

Shopping Cart

– Mobile, online and onsite application

– Post all products for sale

– Add pictures and detailed descriptions

Inventory Management

– Monitor your stock in real-time

– Receive alerts when supply is running low

– Gain powerful insights for market strategy improvement