About eCash

Offering an innovative end-to-end financial solution to businesses and consumers, eCash’s products and rich features consists of online payments, mobile payments, tap payments, eCash prepaid cards, bills payment, real-time funds transfer and more. With more functionality than any other bank, eCash looks to advance financial inclusion by empowering the under/unbanked majority.

eCash can and will address the issues associated to any economy, industry or market dominated by cash transactions such as inefficiency, fraud and lack of transparency and accountability.

How it works

Create your free account

Load your account with scratch cards or visit a participating merchant

Pay for bills or prepaid load, or transfer, receive or request for funds.

Request your own Prepaid eCash Card

Use eCash for online shopping

Manage your account anywhere by downloading the mobile app

How safe is eCash

Create your free eCash account and have it verified by uploading a valid ID.

Access and manage your funds anywhere in the world at any time.

BSP and PCI-compliant, eCash is equipped with world-class security so you can rest easy.